You Know Your Afghan When

Topics: Mother, Family, Marriage Pages: 4 (1578 words) Published: November 7, 2010
1.your family goes on a picnic every sunday and hides so they don't have to share food with anyone else and you sit on carpets on the grass 2.your parents try to hook you up with your cousins (ok eww) 3.your freezer is filled with nothing but gosht and naanai khuchk drink tea 24/7 kiss everyone 3 times on the cheeks for no reason
6.your parents call food basics.."basic food" and burger king..."king burger" 7.your friends call and your parents make up the stupidest're sleeping,..washroom...shower...eating...etc...meanwhile your sitting right beside them 8.your parents want to call you they will say everyone of your 20000000877 brothers and sisters names before they get to your name. 9.your going shopping with your parents, and you see something you want and your parents complain and say how when you go home they can make it for you. spend so much money on a nice dining room table but you never eat on it 11.if you’re and afghan girl, you wear a t-shirt under a revealing dress at weddings 12.when there’s more oil in your food than actual food

13.every elder you meet you refer to them as Kaka or Khala ( aunt or uncle) and they have the right 2 beat u up if they wanted to 14.At least once a week your mom says, "The good old days in Afghanistan." 15.Your parents were the richest most respected people "back home" 16.Your parent's always refuse to buy so called "luxury items "because of the poverty "back home" 17.Your parents worry what other people will think if you're not going to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer 18.Your parents had eight daughters in hopes of having a son 19.Your parents compare you to all of their friends' kids

20.Newly arrived afghan guys always become more Americanized than those brought up in America 21.Most afghan guys have illusions of being black
22.The second you pull out of someone's driveway, your parents start crap talking about them
23.Two or more afghan men will always talk politics with each other...
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