You Fit Into Me

Topics: Love, Poetry, Meter Pages: 4 (729 words) Published: September 18, 2008
This poem is able to express to the reader character loneliness and

self-unconsciousness. It dramatizes conflict between the opposing principles of love and

fear. This conflict transmits no explanation to what the speaker represent and what the

poet indicates. From You Fit Into Me, offer the impression of love in a dark, mystifying

way. The poet points to a specific object packed on an emotional content of obsession

dependence toward violence. The writer, from an extreme frame of mind, exposes

viciousness by something in humane and excruciating painful. Nevertheless, the poem

convey a angst-ridden attitude, melancholy and thoughts of suicide.

The poem gives a direct and limited words of the poet’s feelings. For

example, the poem is a common figure of speech call the simile and follows the anapestic

metrical feet. The anapest begins on the second stanza stress on the words “hook” and

“eye“, and the eye emphasize the essential focus through the poem.

“You fit into me” tones a message of insincerity, losing oneself in an

overpowering experience of a “a fish hook”(1,3). The versifier reaches across the gap of

silence to be in touch toward the reader. Then, the reader is aware of something uneasily

vibrant in the words “an open eye,” an strange one for a common fact of hurt, and an

abnormal disturbance of discipline into a realm usually consecrated to the feelings(4).

This poetry come from the poet’s desire to make contact with a lover, a relative, or a


The first stanza, the writer used “you fit into me” making the speaker’s voice to

created a vivid sight of being in love. The person who reads is persuaded to see in its

mind’s eyes a symbol of love and connection (1). The words gives an impression of a

feeling try to find an understanding of that moment.

In the second stanza, “like a hook into the eye” concept referring a strong

ineffable feeling toward...
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