You Don't Know Jack: Film Analysis

Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: October 5, 2014

I. Euthanasia has been a debatable issue since one’s perception of this idea could depend on different factors such as religion, culture, and even personal life experiences. Dr. Jack Kevorkian witnessed how his mother suffered in agony with her disease, describing the pain as a toothache in all your bones. Just imagine how painful that is. At that time, he cannot do anything to alleviate the pain his mother is going through. He felt lost. That’s how he felt responsible in aiding those people who are terminally ill. For him, it’s not about killing someone. It’s understanding that these patients have gone through a lot, and listening to their wish to end the pain rather than continue living but you’re actually dying. Another point is that he’s doing it free of charge. He used his own resources to “help” his patients. There is no personal gain to him, but it is rather an act of service. It may not be acceptable to many but he was doing it from the standpoint of a medical person, of a son who understood what it’s like for someone to live fighting off a disease.

II. “Oh, the lingering of death. What a business. Keep death alive. Hospitals don't make money otherwise. Drug companies either. If you're rich and you have the money, you can pay to die. But the poor, they can only afford to stick it out and suffer.” This quote from the movie truthfully states that the medical industry is also a business. Most people are in it to save lives or improve health. But there are others who see it as a moneymaking opportunity. To be honest, hospitals and drug companies don’t make money when no one is sick. These businesses “keep death alive”. A patient may still be alive but only because he/she is still in the process of fighting off death. But the reality is that this person is actually dying compared to most of us (since all of us are in one way or another living and dying at the same time). Rich people can afford the operation, treatment,...
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