You Decide week 5

Topics: Access control list, Cisco IOS, IP address Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: November 1, 2014

You Decide
To: Kim Brown, Branch Manager
CC: Ken Rogers, Corporate Manager
Subject: Access Control Lists
Date: 10/06/2013
Good day MS Kim, I would like to explain the available options of Access Control Lists what will do and what types of ACLs there are. Complex ACLs can be tricky but will better for security for the network. There are three different types of ACLs, Dynamic ACL, Reflexive ACL, and Time Based ACL. Each ACL is unique to the type of network we have. Dynamic are also called lock-and-key ACLs which only allow IP traffic only. Also the lock-and-key authenticates the user and permits limited access through the firewall router for a host for a time. Time Based ACLs are a specific time that traffic is allowed on the network. When the device determines that an ACL applies to a packet, it tests the packet against the rules. The first matching rule determines whether the packet is permitted or denied. If there is no match, the device applies a default rule. The device processes packets that are permitted and drops packets that are denied. “ACLs protect networks and specific hosts we would be able to specify certain days and hours of which the user will have access to the network. With this type of ACL there is more control over permitting or denying access to resources. Reflexive ACL allows outbound traffic from the network and limits the inbound traffic. This allows greater control over what traffic is on the network and able to expend the control list. Also, with Reflexive when ACL, an unknown IP address is trying to gain access, it will put the IP address in a temporary ACL group and will await replies from the network and the network will automatically remove the IP address when the session is over. It is probably in the best interest for our network to concentrate on Reflexive ACLs for these reasons; 1. Secured network against hackers through ACLs and the Firewall 2. Provide security against spoofy and DoS attacks...

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