You Decide

Topics: Marriage, Alimony, Family law Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: August 4, 2013
You Decide
Michelle D. Toliver
SOCS 315
July 28, 2013
Professor Ellin Rind

You Decide
Pre-nuptials are a legally binding contract between couples who are engaged to be married. A marriage is also a legal contract between two persons that encompass many things together as one such as finances and property. According to Molly McCluskeys’ article, ‘Do we need a pre-nup’ Why Two Lovebirds really should discuss it, the words Yours. Mine. Ours take on a new meaning when you’re getting married and entirely something different new meanings if you’re breaking up. (McCluskey, Febr) For the purpose of this assignment, I will agree with Jeremy. Jeremy has already experienced a great financial loss during his recent divorce as well as having to fight for shared custody of his child. Jeremy clearly loves Marietta and wants to spend the rest of his life with her but wants to avoid this devastation if their marriage does not make it. Marietta should understand Jeremys’ concerns and sign the pre-nuptial agreement. Jeremys’ fear is reliving what he has just experienced from his divorce with his previous wife, if he and Mariettas marriage ends in divorce. Marietta does not have to sign the pre-nuptial agreement if she doesn’t agree with its’ contents. There is also no indication that Jeremy would not provide Marietta with compensation shall the marriage end. The concerns Jeremy has are being able to protect his business and being able to provide and secure a future for himself and his child or future children. By wanting a pre-nuptial to be in place prior to the marriage doesn’t imply that Jeremy loves Marietta any less, he just wants to protect the assets he has prior to marriage. Jeremy and Marietta need to further discuss these things before marriage. If a mutual agreement regarding the pre-nuptial can’t be reached prior to this the marriage should be reconsidered. The advantages of the decision that I have shared are that Jeremy would be able to provide a...
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