You Decide

Topics: Death, Choice, Patient Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: January 27, 2013
You Decide Week 2 
  I. Identification
Identify the dilemma.
The dilemma is the fact that patient Margie Whitson is looking to have her pacemaker removed which will in turn end her life. She has asked the medical staff at the facility to assist in ending her life. What morals are involved? The moral is the patient’s right to refuse care if she chooses and also the right to die.     II. Information

Information to consider:
Margie Whitson just experienced the death of her son. She has no living family members and appears clinically depressed. Patient has the right to die. All staff involved in the case; Jane Robison, Dr. Vijay and Cindy Mackin have spoke with the patient and expressed that ethically and morally they cannot comply with removing the pacemaker.     III. Communication

Do they agree that there is a dilemma?-I agree there is a dilemma. A person has the right to die however we cannot make a physician perform the procedure: The cardiologist must take into account the the patient is not dying from the removal of the device. The cause of death may be deemed to be the underlying disease. General agreement exists that ICD deactivation in dying patients may be ethically permissible. The practices and attitudes associated with pacemaker deactivation differ significantly from those associated with ICD deactivation. It is therefore crucial to be aware of the legal situation in the jurisdiction in which you are practicing. After speaking with the other medical workers I do not agree with their decision     IV. Choice

When all the talking is done, a choice needs to be made about what to do regarding the dilemma. A choice must be made. Even choosing not to decide is a decision! My decision is to allow the patient at the rehabilitation center permission in assisting in any attempts to remove the pacemaker or end her life. Mrs. Whitson does have the option of drafting a living will at which time she has the option of expressing her final wishes including...
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