You Before Me Analysis

Topics: Family, Mother, English-language films Pages: 6 (1456 words) Published: March 30, 2018

I am in the worst mood I have ever been since my wedding got canceled. I’ve just finished watching You Before Me because of the annoyingly repeated pleas of my maid. She hoped that this movie will reassure and encourage me. And me as the fool I am, I trusted her. I believed that there's a chance this movie will really change my mood for the better. But the opposite happend and now I’m lying down in my bed more depressed than ever.

Sure! It can happen for an invalid guy to find someone to love him and for her to really be happy with him. More so in this day and age when the main role of the man is not to protect and provide for the woman anymore like in the stone age or medieval times. But to support her emotionally, love her and be there for her. It is very...

Looking up I voice my command. “Send Elena to give them one more warning, an ultimatum. If they intend to pursue with their plans they will be eliminated. The ones who want to survive stand down when Lord Claude visits!”

I see how a smile creeps on her face as she starts to sing acting like a child. “Yeay.. Master will fight again!… Master will fight again!”

“Sigh...Now go and prepare the car. I have a feeling that they won’t listen to my warning.”


Elena P.O.V.

“Why did it have to be me? Why? Why? Why?” I shout hitting the steering wheel at every question.

I have just taken a bubble bath and now I have to deal with those filthy stupid ogres. If I knew this would happen I would have gone with the other vamps to investigate the anomalies at the southern border.

“Wait and see Claude! Wait and see! I’ll get you back for this.” I grin as I plot my sweet revenge against my lord.

To ogres live deep down in the mountains. So I had to take this plain unrefined SUV to drive. I hate this car it’s so uncomfortable. If the road had been less muddy and weather not so rainy I would have run there myself. It would have been faster...
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