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Prosecutor had received a report from Authorities of San Francisco’s information technology department related Terry Childs who built San Francisco’s new multimillion dollar computer network, The FiberWan. The report contain of accusations to Childs. Childs allege that he do some activities that exceed the standard. Prosecutor receive a lot of accusations from the authorities of San Francisco’s information technology department. Some of accusations are Childs commandeering the fiberWan by creating password that granted him exclusive access to the system, He implemented a tracing system to monitor what administrators were saying and doing that illegal to do, also he had placed a command on several devices on the network that would erase critical configuration data in the event that anyone tried to restore administrative access to the device. After that, the prosecutor collect the information related to this case. One of them is San Francisco officials say they have spent almost 200,000 dollars on Cisco contractor to fix the problems with the FiberWan.
On the other hand, the Child’s defense lawyer has a different perspective. His lawyer said that he seems to have taken his job very seriously. Because the FiberWAN was so complex and also because he did not involves any of the other network engineers in his unit, Childs was the only person who fully understood the networks configuration. Extremely, Childs lawyer maintained that his client had been the victim of a “bad faith” effort to force him out of his post by incompetent city officials whose meddling was jeopardizing the network that Childs had built. Childs’s lawyer also deplore the statement that Childs have a poor performance in his department, otherwise everybody knew that no one else was able to do so.
This is a dillematic when Childs’s do that absolutely a ethical problem other than a legal problem, but the authority bring this problem to prosecutor which is not irrelevant. What if this problem just

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