You Are Always the Best

Topics: Teacher, Hero, Education Pages: 3 (1398 words) Published: October 18, 2012
“You are Always the Best”
1A teacher is a person who teaches or instructs according to Merriam Webster Dictionary. 2A teacher’s business or occupation is to instruct others. 3They teach students, but they also love the students they are teaching. 4So after parents it is the teacher who is important in our life. 5They act as our second parents. 6I would define a teacher as someone who cares for the subject matter he/she is teaching. 7A teacher is someone who has a strong sincere care for children and their welfare and being successful. 8A teacher always have integrity. 9Someone with integrity can adapt to changing circumstances, because they can distinguish correct from incorrect behavior in themselves. 10Moreover, a teacher stimulates student's curiosity and creativity by giving questions and instruct them to the answers. 11Without a teacher, students easily run the risk of never accomplishing structured educational goals since they would rely on their own immature wisdom in making self paced learning choices. 12 They are the person behind our success, as they mould us to become one of the greatest pioneer maybe someday. 13Even if the teacher’s salary is low, he/she wouldn’t mind, but pursue to continue nourishing little minds. 14A teacher is inspirational. 15Teachers were the ones that most influenced us what we are today. 1 A hero is someone who has devoted time, skills, attention and resources toward making the world a brighter place for others. 2 A hero is a human being who educates, motivates, inspires and rescues people all over the globe. 3Additionally, a hero portrays a sincere empathy and love for mankind. 4When we hear, the word ‘hero,’ what we usually think is that this ‘hero’ is dead. 5But there are heroes that still exist. 6It could be our mother, or our father, or it could be someone like doctors, fire fighters, policemen and coast guards who save lives. 7These heroes sacrifice even their lives to save another life. 8We can be heroes in our own...
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