"You'Re Soaking in It" Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Standardized test, Audience, No Child Left Behind Act Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: April 29, 2013
The general argument made by Rushin in his work Give the Kids a Break is that kids need to have adequate recess time to provide them with the break and physical exercise they need. Additionally, he argues that the cut back on recess time and the general “wussification” of our over concerned society is a disservice to our children and our future. His claim that recess is important to a child’s development is strong because he suggests the many benefits and supports them with statistics, examples, and appeals to the audience of active adults who understand the benefits of recess and exercise.

Recess is an important topic for kids now more than ever because there are so many more children who struggle with obesity, stress, and other problems that weren’t even invented until very recently.

I think this article points out a potentially crucial issue in our society and defends his argument well. Recess is really important and kids need to be allowed to interact freely with each other in their younger years in order to understand how social interactions work for when they are older.

The author does a good job of exemplifying the experiences that recess can provide for you by representing how some of his memories carried through his life on the front of his mind. For example, he has a “scar on his forehead..[from]..playing tag in the basement.” The “mending of cuts,” “teenage Torquemadas,” and common struggles of youth boo-boos are some of the things that kids endured together throughout adolescence. Their is a lot of bonding and positive comradarie to be had from the mutual consolation of eachother.

Rushin points out that standardized testing is getting in the way of recess because it takes up so much time in the day. The No Child Left Behind act is forcing “nearly 40% of U.S. Elementary schools to eliminate recess,” and almost 30% of schools have “15 minutes or less of daily recess.” The author contrasts these newly shortened periods of key developmental...
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