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yoga benefits informative speech

By ikram985 Feb 18, 2014 364 Words
Yoga Benefits

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
Who here is yogi? Why not? It has great health benefits.
Let me introduce the health benefits of yoga!
But first, what is yoga?
The word “yoga” in Sanskrit means “union” or ”to join together”. Yoga is a combination of physical (poses and breathing) and mental (focus) practice. Yoga origins are still not known but said somewhere between India and Nepal Because of language.

Yoga has many great health benefits.
1. Blood circulation: many poses improve circulation in hands and feet. 2. Flexibility: yoga increases flexibility and stress on joints. 3. Strength: many yoga poses build core strength which improves the overall strength of the body. Warrior poses strengthen lower body. 4. Better posture: all poses of yoga require the correct form and movement of the body…. Posture example: Sun Salutations. 5. Balance: yoga requires the balance of the body and also the balance between breathing and movement. 6. Weight loss: most yoga poses are intense and involve more than one muscle group at the same time which makes the body burn calories.

I practiced yoga daily for a while. It improved my strength, posture, sleep, and I lost some body fat. ( my blood oxygen was very high).

In addition to my personal experience, I did some research and I learned that
Yoga practice popularity increased from 9,000,000 in 1980 to 21,000,000 in

2011 (

All those benefits contribute to a better overall health of a person. Statistics

show the increase of yoga practice in the United States over the period

between 1980 and 2011 which shows that yoga gained popularity because of

the health benefits it offers.

In closing, I hope you learned something about the health benefits of yoga.

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