Yoga and Occupational Therapy

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Coleman College Health Science
Intro to OTA 1301
Fall 2013

Trends in Healthcare
Yoga and Occupational Therapy

Miguel A. Rivas


Yoga is another healing modality that helps with the body-mind connection, which has been around, and has been practiced for thousands of years; this type of therapy is a combination of specific methods designed to develop every aspect of the individual: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. This type of therapy is a holistic system that integrates the various branches of Yoga in order to bring about a complete and harmonious development of the individual. The idea of this technique practice is to unite the many aspects of our being which help our nervous system “our mind”, our physical system “our muscles” and our core of emotions “mediation and relaxation”. Yoga can definitely lesser the amount of stress itself within the body system. Maybe the most noticeable, it is that reduces the level of stress in the brain, and help to increasing in concentration and memory. The brain and the healing process are interconnected throughout the whole therapy process. The brain changes result in a more effective in cognitive function with the patient, increasing more awareness and sensitivity that helps with the healing process with responding in a more healthy and more wellness oriented way that can reduce and decrease levels of stress in a life time. The physical benefits with the yoga therapy is to increasing balance, strength, flexibility, posture improvement, and mentally with providing calm, focus, relaxation, and a feeling of well being. Yoga helps the therapeutic and healing process with an increase in improvement on range of motion, and an increase of production of endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain killers. Understanding the benefits and usage of different poses will help us apply these types of modalities to a particular client with their rehabilitation process. Many researchers have proved the numerous benefits that a variety of yoga therapy modalities have with the restoration, reduction in pain, and improvement of physical medical conditions that affect the daily life among people.

Research Conclusion

Bringing about Awareness: There are been numerous research and studies that show the benefits of practicing yoga to bring positive changes in the minds of people. The physical and mental relaxation yoga brings people will provide space in their thinking and acting. Through the quietness and clarity of yoga, the patient will have insight into their own thoughts and actions needed for the healing process. Yoga allows people to discover their inner experiences and create space in difficult situations so that with a relaxed mind they could choose how to react and respond to therapy. In a situation where patients might ordinarily react angrily, they will be able to respond in a positive way by being quiet, process their thoughts, and accept the changes that their bodies go through. In this sense, yoga is an important technique for bringing about an awareness that, in turn, leads to positive behavior before, during, and after therapy.

Support in the Development Process: Yoga clearly supports people whether or not have physical problems or injuries, with their mental health as well bringing a positive influence on their mind as well. It is important to consider the personal commitment that the practice of Yoga requires. All kind of tensions, worries, concerns, memories, and problems could be released, and it could be debated whether a person with a depressive or psychotic background would be able to process this information. The use of yoga as a support for the personal development of the patient can be therefore negative be recommended, but potential problems should be kept in mind to avoid any negative experiences during the therapy.


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