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The purpose of yoga is to unite body, mind and spirit. Breath and movement are brought together to achieve this goal. Some of the benefits of a regular yoga practice include: increased strength and flexibility, improved balance, increased joint mobility and range of movement, decrease in feelings of anxiety, increased immune function, weight management, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, improved sleep, decreased pain, improved respiratory function. In a study published in Nursing Research, Chen, Fan, and colleagues (2010) a sample of 69 elders in assisted living facilities were assigned randomly to two groups: the control group (n=31) and silver yoga exercise program group (n=38), and 55 of them completed this quasiexperimental study. Authors studied a group of 55 participants aged 65 or older who participated in 24 weeks of a three times per week silver yoga exercise program.

Variables in the Chen (2010) study were clearly identified and defined. The independent and dependent variables were identified in the study purpose and hypothesis. The independent variables in this study were physical fitness (body composition, cardiovascular - respiratory functions, body flexibility, muscle power and endurance, balance, and agility), inclusion criteria (age 65 years and older, Barthel Index score of 91 to 99 (mildly dependent level), no previous training in any form of yoga, ability to walk without assistance, and Mini-Mental State Examination score of 24 or higher). The dependent variable was silver yoga exercise. Both variables were clearly described in the methods section of the article. Chen and (2010) manipulated and measured variables consistently in the study. The purpose of the study is to find out if silver yoga will benefit the transitional frail elders. The outcome measures of physical fitness included body composition, cardiovascular-respiratory functions, body flexibility, muscle power and endurance, balance, and agility. Body...
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