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OER Questions and Answers, 1 Jun 14

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For questions on the below FAQ, copy the Q&A from the list below and paste into the comment box on S1NET for reference when asking a question. Questions on these FAQ may be asked at the FAQ post on S1NET at https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-150221

Q1) To whom will the new OER system apply?
A1)The new OER system will be used to assess officers in the grades of WO1through BG and those reports with a thru date of 1 April 2014 or later.

Q2) What is EES and what will it do?
A2) EES is short for the Evaluation Entry System. EES is a web-based tool used to complete and submit evaluations to HRC. EES consolidates APD FORMS lookup, Doctrine references, AKO MyForms submission, the form wizard, IWRS, profile calculators, etc. The benefits of EES include: an enhanced wizard to guide rating chain and Human Resource professionals in preparing an evaluation, a multi-pane dashboard allows user to view data input and form simultaneously, a built-in tool to view and manage Rater and Senior Rater profiles, provides quick reference to AR 623-3 and DA PAM 623-3, eliminates accessing multiple systems and consolidates evaluation tools into one system.

Q3) Will EES still track the status of the evaluation once it is initiated?
A3) Yes, the rating chain and the designated trusted agents (delegates) will be able to see where the report is located—similar to the AKO routing function. The status for each evaluation is located when the “continue/view active evaluations” button is pressed. If the from is initated by a third party like the S1 or G1 section, they can see the status as well, their role is “INTITIATOR”

Q4) Will units still be able to mail hardcopies to HRC for processing?
A4) In special circumstances, Yes. Examples are foreign rating officials, ink signatures etc. Hard copy evaluations including

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