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Sex, Race, & Conquest in Latin America – Spring 2014

Dr. Rachel O’Toole & Mr. Andrew Monson (University of California, Irvine)

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Assignment: Was Malintzin a survivor? Of what? Why, or why not? Using Camilla Townsend’s Malintzin’s Choices as your primary text and a minimum of one additional assigned readings (Wade, McClintock, Restall, Alarcón, Moraga), assert a specific thesis regarding Malintzin’s choices. You will need to briefly (no more than three sentences) summarize Townsend’s position on Malintzin and then focus the rest of the paper on your thesis, working to apply evidence from the secondary sources to support your assertions. Paper should be 3 to 4pages and in 12-pt. font with 1-inch margins.

Develop your own argument about Malintzin: Assert a clear thesis statement. •Apply evidence from the secondary sources to support your thesis. •Engage with Townsend’s argument (and the evidence of other scholars).


Assert: Does the paper assert its own interpretation or thesis? Does the paper employspecific examples to support its assertions? Does the paper avoid sweepinggeneralizations? Apply: Does the paper effectively utilize appropriate evidence from secondary sources (including Townsend) to support its thesis? Engage: Does the paper engage with the problems and the arguments discussed in Townsend’s Malintzin’s Choices? Does the paper briefly summarize Townsend’s position on Malintzin? Does the paper apply evidence from Townsend’s Malintzin’s Choices? Citation: Does the paper cite its sources (Townsend, 53)?

Writing: Is the paper typed, in paragraph form, and with complete sentences? Are there aminimal number of grammatical and spelling errors? Has the paper avoided thepassive voice?

An “A” paper accurately and...
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