Yeti, Myth or Not Myth

Topics: Bigfoot, Arctic, Primate Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: February 9, 2002

"Yetis are as pure and white as snow...
Yetis have a soft side that they don't show...
Yeti this Yeti that, Yetis rule and u know that" - Capt. Terpin Timins
Yetis are creatures supposedly created from myth and fiction. They are large tempestuous creatures. Yetis can be classified in the same family as the Sasquatch and Big Foot. Many people believe that Yetis aren't real and are illusions of men who have claimed to have seen them. After researching them I want to say that Yetis are warm and cuddly but do not try to hug a Yeti.

I have chosen to write about Yetis because they are interesting and they seem to be magical. There is so little belief in magic and wonderment these days that the Yeti is one of the only characters that people believe in. I have spoken to many people about their opinions on Yetis and the Yeti way of life. Atleast half of the people who I have talked to deny the truth behind these indiginous nomad species. What is a Yeti?

Contrary to popular belief Yetis are not carnivorous, they do not attack people unless provoked as many animals do to protect their territory, their food and their families. The highest population of Yetis is in the arctic or in cold climates. The Yeti civilization keeps itself hidden and camouflaged with layers of white fur and cave like homes. Like humans they nurture and raise their offspring until they are able to find their own prey and take care of itself. Yetis are omnivores and eat many different plants as well as meat, the impression that Yetis eat people has been derived from the fact that in the arctic there aren't many plants that cater to the Yeti food chain. Yetis have evolved from human like hominids. Yetis are human like in the characteristics that we share like the opposable thumb, a large brain, and the ability to stand erect. Is there proof of Yeti life?

Yes, although it is not common knowledge there is proof of the Yeti, Yeti fossils...
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