Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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Running Head: YESTERDAY 1

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


PSY 202

Michelle Johnson

February 6, 2011


Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow
I. Where are you from?
1. Jacksonville, Fl. Born in Orlando, Lived in South Carolina for a couple of years. 2. Moved to Jacksonville when I was in the 3rd grade.
3. Lived here most my life.
II. What are some of your favorite memories?
1. Having all my family over for Christmas.
2. First time I saw snow.
3. Dad was on deployment and surprised us on Christmas.
III. What were your educational experiences?
1. Graduating from high school in 200
2. Did two years at Florida Community College of Jacksonville. 3. Becoming a certified EMT.
IV. Who were the important people in your life?
1. Tabitha Prine (sister)
2. Sheryl Verner (second mom)
3. Mike Verner (second dad)
V. What was your favorite singer or band? 1. Madonna
2. Had all albums
YESTERDAY 3 3. Collected Madonna merchandise
V. What are your personal, professional, and academic goals? 1. Save money
2. Buy a house
3. Graduate with a BS in Criminal Justice
4. Become a detective

YESTERDAY 1 Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
My life now is not what I had in mind when I was growing up. But where I’m at right now doesn’t disappoint me. I just turned thirty-one and I’m back in college trying to better myself. In this paper, I will briefly describe my past life experiences that have molded me into the person I am today and got me to the place where I’m at. I will also be sharing my current situations as well as my future goals and plans.

I lived most my life in Jacksonville, Florida, though born in Orlando. My family moved to Jacksonville when my twin sister and I were going into the third grade. Before that we lived in South Carolina, where my younger sister was born, for a couple of years. My father was in the Navy so that meant he was gone a lot. My mother didn’t work so she was home all the time, which I loved because we always had homemade meals for dinner.

I have many favorite childhood memories, but the ones that really stuck in my head were when my family and I were living in South Carolina. It was Christmas time and my father was on deployment. This one certain Christmas my family decided to all come to my house to open presents and have Christmas dinner. This was the first time all my family was together all in the same house. I absolutely loved it because all my cousins were there so I had a lot of friends to play with. Now since my father was on deployment I knew he wasn’t going to be home on Christmas, I was really sad about that. So Christmas morning we all woke up, my mom wouldn’t let us open our presents right away. For some reason we didn’t know why and she wouldn’t tell us. I go to look out the window and the ground everywhere is covered with snow. I couldn’t believe it, this was the first time I have ever seen snow. I was super excited to get to play in it. YESTERDAY 2 We were all sitting around wondering when we could open our gifts, when there was a knock on the door. “Who could that be?” I ask my mom. She tried to play it off and said, “I don’t know”. My mom went to open the door and it was my father. My sisters and I were jumping up and down. We were so surprised. My father made it home for Christmas. That was truly...

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