Yesterday's Toys Versus Today's Toys

Topics: Toy, Scientific method, Doll Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: January 28, 2011
Toys have always been around through the centuries of humankind, and I believe that yesterday’s toys taught children to use their imagination, taught child patience, and social skills.

First, to begin with, let us look at yesterday’s toys, when children played with Lego Building Blocks, when they were just building blocks. Children used their imaginations to build a house, landscapes, and create buildings. Today’s Lego Building Blocks are three-dimensional and come with perceptible directions, numbers on the pieces, and the only thing that needed is eyesight. Parallel to yesterday’s building blocks, today’s building block show about learning how to be a hairdresser, by giving your dolls haircuts, with safety scissors that rarely cut, and taking your moms bobby pins to create a hairstyle it was fun, and imaginative. Dolls of today no longer need scissors to style their hair, you can press a button in the back of the doll that makes her hair grow, and press it again, and the hair shortens. Parents, also can buy dolls that come with complete hair grooming kits, were you can even change the doll’s hair color, with little bottles of dye, what happen to dying your doll’s hair with Kool-Aide or a marker?

Next, what about the collecting aspect of yesterday’s toys when children collected Cabbage Patch Kids, Hot Wheels, and Transformers action figures, and would trade with friends, this is where a child learned social skills, being patience and even bargaining. Waiting patiently for your friends to come home from school to find out who has the fastest Hot Wheels was a lot of fun, trading action figures with your best friend or siblings was the way to go. Today the only trading going on is on the internet, trading video games. Now, I ask you where the fun is in that. Big Wheels and bicycles with streamers, where you use your own foot power, and sidewalk chalk was all you needed to build a city. Imagination was the key! It made the Weeble Wobble tree house big...
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