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Topics: Novel, Difference, Samuel Beckett Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: February 27, 2014

In the movie “The Hunger Games” as well as the novel, the author and director share a variety of differences to each. While reading this book and watching the movie, three of the themes that have come to mind the most are symbolism, violence, and relationships. By comparing and contrasting “The Hunger Games” novel and film, one can see that the film is effective in conveying some themes, and is not effective in conveying others. Throughout the Hunger Games movie and novel, symbolism is used in a number of ways. During the first few chapters of the novel, as you read more and more it discusses the 12 districts and then the capital. The 12 districts represent us today and then the capital represents our government. Isn’t this so? Our government pictures this perfect country with them on top, but it isn’t perfect just as it is described in the book. Abraham Lincoln once stated “united we stand, divided we fall”. The division of the 12 districts and the capital on top would eventually cause rebellion and the capital would fall. What separates the difference between the novel and film about this symbolism is in the novel we can only picture in our heads what the districts look like and how devastating it really is. But in the film we get a chance to see how upper class the capital lives, and how divided and poor the districts are living. Nobody wants to picture a country such as this, much less actually live in one. This happens all around the world in today’s time. Unlike the movie, the novel causes you to imagine the violence in your head. You are able to picture everything as you see it to be. In contrast to this, the movie is there to provide for you a visual of what is actually going on. For example, Katniss is burned on her calf in the book. You can only picture what it would look like. However, in the movie she is burned in her thigh and the difference in this is the visualization of the whole scene. The film gives you a picture to...
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