Yes Means Yes

Topics: Rape, Sexual intercourse, War rape Pages: 4 (1080 words) Published: November 13, 2014

Yes Means Yes
Los Angeles, California- “Yes means Yes” is a bill that was passed Thursday and signed Sunday morning by Gov. Jerry Brown (D). This law is the “confirmatory consent to engage in sexual activity”. California will be the first state to have this rape prevention law for college campuses. “It's about "making it clear that the responsibility for sexual violence should be placed on the perpetrator and people should have the right to be free from sexual impositions," says Laura Dunn, a campus rape survivor and legal advocate through the group SurvJustice”. “In too many situations, victims have a hard time convincing campus judicial boards that they were raped because they are expected to show they physically or verbally resisted, advocates say. In other cases, they run up against the idea that consent can be implied if it's been given in the past, to a dating partner, for instance” states Laura Dunn. Because of this law in California nothing can be presumed. Affirmative action will take place however there are requirements that need to be followed to “make sure” this would a legitimate rape case. Many have questioned how consent can be proven when a person is intoxicated. Yale University also gave light to students’ in different situations that occur and how better educate themselves on the way a proper consent should appear. No matter any situation is a person says they have been rape it has to be taken under the consideration of; did they say yes or did they actually say no. Some do report they have been raped but ended up not following through due to the fact they were intoxicated and did consent but forgot. California State University as well as University of California have both recently adopted the “affirmative consent standard” and fully support the bill. “Affirmative consent” means that there was a voluntary and conscious agreement in order to participate in a sexual activity. However, legislation is divergent...

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