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The YEO HIAP SENG Malaysia group is involved principally in the production, marketing and sale of food, beverages and sweetened condensed milk under the brand names of "Yeo's", "Fizzi", "Goodtase", "Cintan" and "SoyRich". These products are manufactured in the YEO HIAP SENG Malaysia factories located throughout Malaysia. All food and beverage products are manufactured using the freshest ingredients in order to maintain the natural delicious taste and flavour. Strict hygiene standards which are maintained at all times and stringent quality control ensure the high quality of all products. Continuous research & development is carried out as part of our commitment to further improvement as well as to keep abreast of the market trends. Added to that is the Yeo's special touch that makes our wide range of products the natural choice for our many customers nationwide. Perhaps one reason why the Yeo's product range is such a favourite is due to our commitment to anticipating consumer needs and providing customer satisfaction. For instance, YEO HIAP SENG Malaysia was the first to commercially bottle and sells traditional Asian beverages like soyabean milk, sugarcane drink and chrysantemum tea. The manufacturing operation of the group is complemented by YEO HIAP SENG Malaysia's extensive nationwide distribution network. With offices, warehouses and depots throughout Malaysia, YEO HIAP SENG Malaysia operates its own fleet of sales vans to service outlets directly. YEO HIAP SENG Malaysia's wide distribution network is one reason why reputable manufacturers trust the distribution strength of the Group's trading arm. All these aspects of YEO HIAP SENG Malaysia's operations are part and parcel of the company's culture making it the driving force behind the company's success.


YEO HIAP SENG vision’s is to be the No.1 Asian Food and Beverage Company in Malaysia. The main targets are to be No.1 in Instant Noodle category and to be No.1 in Canned Food category. For Instant Noodle it has two range which is normal range (Assam Laksa flavor, Asli flavor, Curry flavor and Mushroom flavor) and non fried noodle. For canned food product it has Chicken Curry, Chicken Kurma, Chicken Vindaloo, Satay Chicken, Beef Curry, Beef Rendang, Lamb Curry, Mutton Curry with Potatoes, Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce, Fish with Salted Black Beans, Sardine in Tomato Sauce, Fish Sambal, Tuna with Chilli and Basil Leaf, Tuna with Sliced Chilli, Tuna Flakes in Vegetable Oil, Prawn Sambal, Cockles Curry, Clamps, Seri Kaya, Salted Black Beans, Salted Soya Beans, Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, Cream Style Sweet Corn, and Processed Peas. Canned drinks products it consists of Fizzi Cola, Fizzi Orange, Fizzi Pomelo, Fizzi Rootbeer, Fizzi Sarsi, Fizzi Soursoup, Grass Jelly Drink, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Soya Milk, Sugar Cane Baverage, and Winter Melon Tea. TB drinks (packet drinks) products it consists of Black Soy Drink, Chrysanthemum Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Laichi, Lemon Tea, Justea Green Tea with Lemon, Justea Green Tea with Peach, Justea Ice Tea with Lemon, Soya Bean Milk, Sugar Cane Baverage and Winter Melon Tea. For Sauces it has Chilli Sauce and Tomato Sauce.

YHSM continued to maintain its position as market leader in non-carbonated drinks. Yeo's Justea was an outstanding product for the Group this year. Boosted by new launches of exciting flavours, vibrant packaging designs and refreshing taste profile, the Justea range contributed 6% of revenue of YHSM. Justea won the Gold Brand Equity Award in the RM50 million category. The Award is conferred by Brand Equity, a magazine that recognises the performance of both local and international brands operating in Malaysia.


YHSM has long been a consumer-focused food and beverage company. Focus on the consumer is based on the well-known adage that "The Customer is King". In order to serve consumers better, YHSM carries out market and...
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