Yeo's Malaysia

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Executive Summary Letter.

Yeo Hiap Seng (Yeo's) has now become identical with the food & beverage industry both locally and internationally. YEO HIAP SENG incorporated its first sales company in Malaysia under the banner of YEO HIAP SENG (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd. YEO HIAP SENG Malaysia introduced the Schweppes range of canned drinks in 1985 while in 1984, became the first in Malaysia to develop and pack carbonated tropical fruit flavor drinks such as pomelo, lychee and soursop under the "Fizzi" brand name in 325ml cans.

YEO HIAP SENG Malaysia has made a courageous commitment to information technology. Computer training and development is now at the top of the human resource training agenda while plans are underway to link up all YEO HIAP SENG Malaysia branches nationwide by the end of 1997.

With the newly established opportunities overseas and a bold new outlook internationally, the company have to reflect the great changes it was undergo. The familiar Yeo's logo was redesigned to give it a fresher and more dynamic look and was introduced to the Malaysian community in 1996.

Yeo's leverages on Malaysia's role as the world's Halal manufacturing hub.Having already made a name for itself in Malaysia and Singapore, Yeo's took the bold step to establish joint ventures with several foreign companies as well as establish direct overseas operations in countries such as Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Canada, the US and other parts of the globe.

This study is all about understanding how Yeo’s managing their organization from all part for example financial, marketing, how they develop their mission statement, objective, and vision in order to reach success. From this study also could develop some new mission which didn’t exist in their statement to improve the performance of Yeo’s itself.

From this study also would identify it’s own strength and weaknesses, their rival’s position and performance which could help them to stay strong in this big market.

Table of content.

|No |Content |Page | |1. |Case Summary/Background |3 - 12 | | |Identify The Firm's Existing Mission |13 | | |Identify The Firm's Existing Objectives |14 - 15 | | |Identify The Firm's Existing Strategies |14 - 15 | |2. |Develop New Mission Statement For The Organization |16 | |3. |Problem Identification |17 | |4. |SWOT Framework |17 | | |4.1Identifying The Organization's External Opportunities/Threats |17 - 18 | | |4.2 Identifying The Organization's External Strengths/Weaknesses |21 | |5. |Matrixes |32 | | |TOWS Matrix |32 | | |SPACE (Strategic Position And Action Evaluation) Matrix |35 | | |BCG Matrix...
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