Yellow Team Cheer ^ ^

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Yellow Panther’s Cheers

1** Stand up, stay proud, yellow team is on the ground
Watch out let’s score, yellow gonna beat them all
So team get up, let’s show them what we’ve got
LEADER : Everybody is here, yellow team let’s cheer
Let’s cheer (clap 5x)
Let’s cheer(clap 5x)
Yellow team, let’s cheer!

2** We will fight, we won’t lose
We will be the winner, you will be the loser
We will be the champion, we are the champion
What’s our name? Yellow Panthers (3x)

3** Go team, Go team
What do we mean?
We’ll say it loud
Because we’re proud (3x)

4** P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S
Panther pride (Panther pride) 2x
We’re steppin’ up (So set aside) 2x
We’re the best (We’re here to win) 2x
Panther power’s here again

5** Are you ready? (Yes we are) 3x
Ready for the best, yellow team #1
Oh yeah nothing less, Going to the top
We can’t be stopped
Let’s go girls
Yell blue (blue)
Yell red (red)
Yell green (green)
Can you feel it (what) feel the heat
Blue, red, green how sweet
With spirit and spark we steal the show

6** Yes we won the game!
The other teams lost,
And we’re to blame!
We played hard
And we played to win
And we can’t wait to play your team again!

7** Yellow Team, Go, Go, Go!
Yellow Team, the willow Team!
Go yellow, that’s our team! We never lose and never pose!
Go yellow! Here we are!
The yellow team they do the reap; the other teams wins the least!
Hurray for Yellow Team, they are winning!
Hurray for Yellow Team, everyone is cheering!
Hurray for Yellow Team, the stronger they are!
Hurray for Yellow Team, more faith they

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