Yellow Journalism: Impact on the Relationship between the U.S. and Japan

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Yellow Journalism

War is a violent fight between states, nations and the world. People have lost their lives for many reasons, such as gaining independence or expanding national lines. The violence that all countries have endured shows how far humans will go to get what they want. Some people get what they want by taking advantage of others in order to accomplish their goal. Yellow Journalism caused many people to die for the success of two people. In 1898 American citizens wanted more than land, they wanted revenge on Spain. This act of nationalism was caused by two men, William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. These journalists created rumors and misunderstandings among people and countries. This anger pushed Americans to their breaking point and influenced their ideas. Hearst created animosity between his readers and Spain by writing that Spain had been belittling America. During this time, the use of Yellow Journalism or “tabloid journalism” had a major influence in the entrance of the United States into the Spanish American War. These journalists reporting new information without having a legitimate source changed history for thousands of people, According to Joseph M. Campbell “The tendency to rely on anonymous sources, were notably in dispatches of leading reporters.” People trusted these reporters because they were the most reliable, leading them into difficult situations. Citizens did not know the difference between the truth and what was lie in the late 1800’s.

William Randolph Hearst was considered by many to have fueled the fire of animosity between the United States and Spain. This journalist wanted something to blow his headlines and he took advantage of anything he could get on this was why “Hearst took special interest in the war” ( The public believed Spain was behind all of the attacks because of Hearst’s headlines. The stories would change America’s views on Spain making the readers believe their country was the cause of the Maine exploding in 1898. “He chose to run stories which elaborated the most sordid, and violent details.” Hearst’s main concern wasn’t providing the truth to all the readers but to establish a following for his entertaining but untruthful stories. He wanted the New York Evening Journal to be the primary newspaper of New York and he would do anything to get what he wanted. All of his untruthful stories showed him being “a self-proclaimed populist, going on to publish stories of municipal and financial corruption, often attacking companies in which his own family held an interest.” Hearst’s corruption was the beginning of Yellow Journalism in the Spanish American War. He was willing to kill hundreds of people and cause thousands to suffer for his paper to be the star of New York. Although there were many competitors of William Randolph Hearst’s one man stuck out, and his name was Joseph Pulitzer.

At the time, Pulitzer also believed he could be New York’s main journalist. Similar to Hearst he was willing to write about anything to gain control of all the readers in the late 1800’s. “Likewise, Pulitzer ordered his journalists to stretch and distort the news.” He distorted the news to gain more readers, exactly like Hearst, Pulitzer would change the news and agree with the headlines of his competitors. With both Hearst and Pulitzer blaming Spain for the outcome of the Maine’s explosion, it caused a unanimous agreement of all readers, that Spain had caused 266 men to die on the U.S.S Maine. “He chose to run stories which elaborated the most sordid, and violent details. “ All the untruthful statements became a fact in the minds of all his readers to the point where it angered all the politicians. United States citizens came together in an outcry to all the politicians to enter the war between Cuba and Spain. The readers of Pulitzer and Hearst were so outraged with President William McKinley not entering the war; it caused the idea of his second run in office to...
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