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Topics: Website, Attention span, Customer Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: August 29, 2012
The yellow giraffe toys website is a novel concept which should find its place in today’s world where children have become more aware of the brand and kind of toys they want and in most cases do not compromise on these factors. I have checked your site and it comes across as a very colourful site which is sure to get a child’s attention. The toys have been neatly categorized and overall it looks like a site which is going to be very easy to use.I have a few recommendations to make which I think are going to make this site more useful and hopefully more attractive to kids and their parents as well.

1. Size and weight of the product, 3D view
When I am buying a gift, it’s important for me to know the dimensions and size of the box it would be packaged in. It would therefore be much better if I could get more such details and pictures at different angles. A 3D view of the toy I wish to purchase would be just ideal. 2. Customer Engagement

With a heavy inflow of marketing emails and promotional offers, it’s difficult for users to actually remember which website they came across some product they liked and usually would make their purchases on regular and most trusted ones like amazon, ebay, groupon, etc. For a new website like YellowGiraffe to make space for itself in the lives of online shoppers, it must bring customer engagement into picture. This can be done by posting live feeds, top rated products, what others are buying at the moment, etc. This will make the user feel like being part of a community and not isolated. 3. Website Design and Layout

YellowGiraffe website is strewn with large pictures of toys. As the number of products increases, this is bound to make the homepage congested. Also, it would be much easier for users to explore and familiarize with products offered if different toys classifications were readily available on the homepage itself instead of after selecting the toy and going on to the next page as is...
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