Yeast Cell

Topics: Circular motion, Classical mechanics, Energy Pages: 5 (1087 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Independent University, Bangladesh
Admission Test (Sample) Math-Physics (Engineering)
Total Marks: 50 Name Instructions: a) Turn-off all mobile communication devices (cell-phones, PDAs, laptops, etc.) b) There are 25 (twenty five) problems. You have to attempt all of them. c) Each problem has 5 (five) possible answers. Choose the correct answer, and fill the appropriate oval on the answer sheet. d) There is no negative marking. e) Do not fill more than one oval for any problem. f) It is preferable that you use a pencil to answer the problems. g) Non-programmable calculators can be used if necessary. Signature of the invigilator Time: 50 minutes ID

Part I : Physics Set A
1. If light waves enter a medium of higher refractive index from a medium of lower refractive index, the wavelength of the light is A) increased B) remain unchanged C) decreased D) will be zero

E) changed, but cannot be determined.

2. Two resistances of equal value R are connected in parallel, the equivalent resistance will be A) R B) 2R C) R/2 D) 4R E) None of these

3. The motion of a pendulum is an example of A) uniform linear motion B) uniform circular motion E) periodic motion

C) non-uniform circular motion D) rotational motion

4. A man moving at the speed of sound away from a stationary source producing sound of frequency f, would hear a sound of frequency A) f B) 1.5f C) 2.25f D) 2.5f E.) Won‟t hear anything


If the temperature of a semiconductor is increased then its resistance will A) increase B) decrease C) remain unchanged

D) depends on humidity

E) none of the answer is correct

6. A charged particle in motion produces A) electric field only C) magnetic field only E) depends on the speed of the particle. 7. The mass of the Earth is 80 times that of the Moon and the radius of the Moon is ¼ the radius of the Earth. If a body has a mass „m‟ on Earth, then its mass on moon will be A) 2m B) ¼ m C) m D) ¾ m E) ½ m B) neither electric nor magnetic field D) both electric and magnetic field

8. The location of a point P is (2, -3, 4). The position vector of this point is ˆ ˆ j A) 2i  3 ˆ  4k ˆ ˆ ˆ j j B)  3 ˆ  4k C) 2i  3 ˆ  4k ˆ ˆ j D) 2i  3 ˆ  4k ˆ j E) 2i  3 ˆ

9. Two charged particles, when 10 cm apart, attract each other with a force of F Newton. When 5 cm apart, they attract each other with a force of A) F/2 B) F/4 C) 2F D) F E) 4F

10. An object is dropped from a height h, at what height will its kinetic energy be equal to its potential energy? A) 2/3 h B) 1/3 h C) 3/4 h D) 1/2 h E) 3/2 h

11. If the horizontal and vertical components of a velocity are 60m/s and 80m/s then the velocity is A) 50m/s B) 70m/s C) 90m/s D) 100m/s E) 110 m/s

12. If the volume of a fixed mass of gas is doubled without changing its temperature, the density of the gas is A) ¼ of initial value E) quadrupled B) halved C) unchanged D) doubled

13. The Second law of Thermodynamics introduces the concept of A) temperature B) internal energy C) heat D) entropy E) work done


14. The sum of the two roots of a quadratic equation is 5 and their product is  6 . Which of the following could be the equation? A) x 2  6 x  5  0 B) x 2  5 x  6  0 C) x 2  5 x  6  0 D) x 2  5 x  6  0 E) x 2  6 x  5  0

15. If a and b are real numbers, i 2  1 , and (a  b)  5 i  9  a i , what is the value of b? A) 4 B) 5 C) 9 D) 4  5i E) 5  4i

16. If line l is the perpendicular bisector of the line segment with endpoints (2,0) and (0,2) , what is the slope of line l? A) 2 B) 1 C) 0 D) -1 E) -2

17. A sequence is recursively defined by a n  a n 1  2a n  2 for n  2 . If a1  0 and a 2  1 , what is a 6 ? A) 5 B) 8 C) 11 D) 13 E) 21

18. Two fair dice are rolled. What is the probability that the sum of the two numbers that appear is greater than 3? A) ¼ B) ¾ C) 5/6 D) 11/12 E) 1

19. If f ( x)  ( x  1) 2 and g ( x)  x then g ( f ( x))  A) | x  1 | B) x  1 C) 1  x D) x ( x  1) 2...
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