Yearbook Message

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Yearbook message:
"Your gift of learning, our tool for nation-building."
Greetings of peace!
First and foremost, let us give thanks to the Lord for everything that He bestowed upon us. May His loving guidance be with all of us always and forever.  
Graduation marks an important event in the lives of everyone of us. Some of you may think it is an end, but no,  it means more than that, it means fulfilment, fulfilment of every parents' dream that they will see they children get their diplomas ready to face another challenging step of their lives - college life. Graduation also means success, success of every graduate of this institution after four years of struggles and sleepless nights spent studying. Success because after four years, they will now reap the rewards of their hard work.  It also means hope, hope that the gift of knowledge our graduates have learned in the four walls of this institution will be used by them wisely and productively for the betterment not only of their own lives but for the common good of our country. It also means happiness, happiness for this is the time for everyone to celebrate the fruits of their labor.  

But then, with utmost gratitude let me congratulate the teachers and the parents. For their hardwork and never-ending support, for their dedication and faith, for every good and useful thing that they inculcated in the hearts and minds of our children. For the time and efforts they spent just to impart their knowledge and wisdom to our beloved children.  

To the graduates, I offer to you my warmest congratulations! You have gone this far, but this is not the end of it. You still have to gain more knowledge because there is a much bigger world out there. A world of challenges wherein you have to compete in order for you to survive. For this reason, you have to advance and develop further, and the best way to do this is to pursue a college education. A college education that will arm you of the necessary experience and...
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