Year Round Schooling

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How is Year Round Schooling Beneficial?

Literature Review

Charles Casey

Year round schooling has been present in society since the early 1800’s as well as the debates of its benefits. Year round schooling allows children to attend in a staggered schedule with no long breaks. It is said children who attend year round schools have better retention rates and teachers are able to better execute their curriculums. Year round schooling offers more curricular activities to lower income families thus allowing them to have a better educational experience. The following literature reviews are of articles that support year round schooling and it’s benefits to both children and teachers.

Tracy Huebner, Senior Research Associate at WestEd, was the Principal Investigator for the California Academic Partnership Program's Expository Literacy Grant Evaluation. She is in charge of research and evaluation efforts that focus on organizational and instructional change in every level of the education system. Aside from just research Huebner also focuses on how to share as well as develop knowledge throughout the education community. Huebner wrote an article on the effectiveness of year-round schooling to address the problem of summer learning loss. The article brings light to the reality of the problem, especially for economically disadvantaged students. Studies show the disadvantage students’ gain as much as others during the school year. Unfortunately they also experience more loss during the summer. While, the research is inconclusive on if year-round schooling addresses the problem completely, it does show some improvements for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. It also shows positive experiences for their families. I chose this article because of Tracy Huebner ‘s educational background. I have read a other articles she has written and her knowledge of the educational system is extensive .

Mike Wilder a writer for Times News in Burlington North Carolina...

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