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Topics: Chocolate chip cookie, Sleep, United States Pages: 1 (634 words) Published: October 27, 2014
College Application American colonies had been loyal to the superior British Empire since they founded America. When England abandoned the Americas to focus on their own economy and welfare, they left the colonies to develop on their own. This period of time, called salutary neglect, greatly influenced the legislative assemblies, commerce, and religion in the colonies before 1750. Blankly, I stared at my computer screen. I read and reread the topic sentence of the introduction to my AP United States History essay for five minutes. Nothing registered. I couldnt concentrate. Its 1132 at night. And all I have is one lousy paragraph to an entire thematic essay due by 1112 tomorrow morning. So theres really nothing else to show you. Sorry if that disappoints you. Ill be done by two oclock in the morning if you wish to see the rest of the essay. This is my typical situation. Since eleventh grade, getting a stable eight hours of sleep is as easy as winning the prize promoted on a Pepsi bottle (I actually won five dollars once, but Ill disregard that for the time being). Translation Sleep is impossible and frequently out of the question. Im surprised I havent turned into an owl, considering Im practically nocturnal. Youre wondering why I couldnt finish the social studies, right Here I am, telling you that I am dedicated to my schoolwork, and I couldnt even fabricate enough energy to complete one essay. Was it a lack of concentration Did I fall asleep while writing it Was I procrastinating Sure, these are all logical explanations, but not a single one is trueI swear Instead, I had this cry from my stomach. The image of warm Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies started flashing on my computer screen, and it wouldnt go away. Within a few seconds, my body could actually feel the cookies traveling down my esophagus and into my stomach. I simply could not fight the urge, so I gave in to my demands. Hallelujah, the kitchen The room where the most beloved...
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