Topics: Supply chain management, Radio-frequency identification, RFID Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: December 16, 2012
The Future of Radio Frequency Identification (Case Study)

1- Why do you think Katherine Albrecht is suspicious of the retail industry’s motives for employing RFID? Katherine was against the privacy invasion and numbering. She thought RFID tags have been used for such applications as security and access control toll collection on roads and bridges. She suspicious of the retail industry when companies or government agencies will be able to track the movement of the people. If the RFID tags on their Purchases can still be read, then a person's clothes or accessories could identify them as they go about their business.

In the near term, RFID will serve as a supply chain management tool. It will replace manual processes for tracking supplies in warehouses and at loading docks. .
2- What should the retail industry do in response to the mounting controversy over RFID? RFID is currently affecting retailers and suppliers will be demonstrated, as well as horizon technologies that will combine with RFID to create the integrated, data-intensive supply chain of the future." It could be theft for the customers and for inventory system.

3- Should Retailers be forced to disclose when they are using RFID chips on products?

Retailers should not to disclose the data, because it could be affect on personal attention and could be act of theft and tracing the people.

RFID is a part of the future for most businesses. Successful adoption of RFID seems to be a question of when, not if, for most firms. Already, organizations are adopting RFID and we are confident that as the issues of RFID are solved, adoption will increase and RFID will become an integral technology in the supply chain. In this near-term view, RFID is a form of automation support for the supply chain management systems of today.
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