Yamakasi Review

Topics: Long shot, Medium shot, Film techniques Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: March 17, 2013

Name: Sajjad saleem

Narrative elements: The idea behind the movie was great. It was based on seven guys who were passionate about doing stunts, rushes, climbing and free style jumping more-likely a known term “parkour” to stimulate themselves. They are shown strong and cool bad boys living their own life the way they make them amuse. They have given each of them a name like rocket, baseball, zicmu, Labelette, tango, sitting bull and L’ araignee. They are shown modern samurais. This movie also flashes towards the injustice in French society. When those police men asks about the foreigners that where they are from. This movie also flashes towards the different breeds created by people. Kids do copy their elders which had a great impact from yamakasi’s to the children. When the kid was dying from the injury he had while climbing the tree copying yamakasi, only one surgery could save the boy but his family was poor hence they can’t afford it, and obstacle was the doctor, with the conflict to first bring huge amount of money and the commissioner who was against yamakasi’s. So the goal was for yamakasi’s to rob the rich and luxurious houses to save kid with a plan. At the end they got that amount of money which saved the kid’s life. Some people chose wrong ways to do good deeds. They break law, they have their own law. Mise-en-scene: The figural movements were very energetic and strong athlete. Yamakasi’s usually had to escape from the police, so they always were running to show their skills and ability the way they do parkour. The figural arrangement of yamakasi’s were a house in which they live together with strong relation like a homie town, and the officer’s department where they were planning how to catch those 7 guys and the hospital where the boy was fighting for his life. Lighting was overall bright but some of the scenes were in dark (night) and at the start of the movie when it was sunrise. Costumes were given well to the situations, where...
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