Yakutsk: One of the Coldest Places on Earth with Hot Tourist Attractions

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Cameron Cotter
Yakutsk: What’s Hot in the Cold
If you ever want to visit Yakutsk, there are some thing you will definitely need to know before going to one of the coldest places on Earth.

Yukutsk is the capital city of Yakutia. The city is in located on the bank of the Lena River, which is the 10th longest river in the world. It is located 4° south of the Arctic Circle, which makes it one of the coldest places on Earth. The average temperature in the long winter season is -40°F and 66°F in the short summer season. This is the biggest city built on permafrost due to the long winter season. Houses and other buildings must be built on concrete piles to try to stabilize them. The population is about 225,000 people. The people in Yakutsk speak Russian and Sakla. Some tourists have a difficult time because very few other languages are printed or spoken here. Many times when you go to a foreign country, you will notice a variety of languages on signs to assist tourists from around the world. In Yakutsk, you do not have the benefit of multiple languages. When you take a taxi or bus to move around the city, you have to find a means of communication through money since no English signs are displayed. There are two major religions in this area: Russian Orthodox Christianity and Tengrianism. Tengrianism focuses on a spirits in the sky and on the belief that their deceased ancestors influence the living. Russian Orthodox Christianity holds beliefs in what is in the Bible. There is a variety of fish to eat in Yakutsk. One of the most popular is salmon, which can be prepared by being smoked, dried, and salted. Beef, moose meat, bear, reindeer, and horse meat are also consumed in Yakutsk. Even though it is extremely cold here, there is plenty to do. Some local sports are skiing, ice skating, dog sledding, and ice sculpting. If you want to see something really neat, take a pot of boiling water and toss it in the...
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