YAKKATECH. INC. (Steven L. McShane, The University Of Western Australia.

Topics: Customer service, Management, Customer, Employment, Goal / Pages: 3 (756 words) / Published: Sep 29th, 2014
CASE STUDY : YAKKATECH. INC. (Steven L. McShane, The University Of Western Australia.

1. What symptom(s) in this case study suggest that something has gone wrong?

In this case study, the symptoms that suggest that something has gone wrong are the customer complaints regarding the poor quality services continue to increase with growth of Yakka Tech’s customer service business that has nearly doubled over the past five years, the increasing rate of voluntary employee quit in the contact center which risen above industry average, inter-departmental conflicts due to inability of answering all dissatisfied customer queries, increased number of employees turnover which lead to increased of labour costs due to the cost of recruiting new technical staff and the lower productivity of new employees which also contribute for declined in company’s revenue. The employees also were also de-motivated and also felt that boredom and monotonous in their work.

2. What are the main causes of these symptoms?

The main causes are the ineffective management structures, whereby the management failed to understand the problems faced by the employees and the essential needs, motivation and drives of employees, which led the employees to feel de-motivated and job dissatisfaction and eventually it led to poor customer service, job quitting and also low performance of the employees. A good and established communication between the management and employees were lacking and they are not directed towards a common achievement goal and the employees clueless in Yakka Tech’s direction and target. Also, the poor job segregation towards each department which led to conflicts between departments also contributed towards the downfall of this organization. Employees have lack of commitment to the organization and this led them to either treat the customer complaints poorly or resigns from the organization. They lost the feeling of belonging and self satisfaction due to company rewards that

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