Yahoo IT Operation

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Managing IT Operation (Ho Jun Wai TP028378)
Naturally, IT systems are supposed to provide their own specific services when they are working. However, if the system stopped by any failure, it unable to provide its service anymore and sometimes it will often affected the company reputation and customers. For example, if the system inside the bank is stopped, clients and companies account unable to perform any transaction due to the failure. Thus, the IT operation's purpose is to prevent failure or fix failure as soon as possible to keep IT system of the company to perform daily operational. Based on Yahoo, this company have two types of IT operations which are external and internal. External IT operation is basically refers as provide services for the clients whereas internal IT operation is refer to the organization management. Since Yahoo is a one of the popular Internet portal, they have to prevent failure/accident and fix failure/incident as soon as possible when it occurs. Usually availability is measured to achieve the purpose. IT Operation

Large Scale Data Warehousing at Yahoo
The management of IT operations is important for Yahoo because managing IT operations means managing information system resources and people around it to deliver quality services to customers. The managing of operations should relate to the organization vision and goals. Business issues needs to blend properly with Information system so as to achieve the business goals. Thus, Yahoo has their strategies to overcome the risks. For example, if one of the data-center is malfunction, Yahoo has another backup data-center to be processed and carry the services to the customers. Applications are developed in one department to meet its needs without a lot of planning. These grow exponentially until no department can effectively function without it, which requires an examination of why it was developed ‘on the fly’ in the first place. As problems stem from that, so does the...

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