Topics: Sociology, Failure, Professor Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Issue 8:
Did the Progressives fail?

Yes (Abrams): Professor of history Richard M. Abrams maintains that progressivism was a failure because it tried to impose a uniform set of values upon a culturally diverse people and never seriously confronted the inequalities that still exist in American society.

No (Link and McCormick): Professors of history Arthur S. Link and Richard L. McCormick argue that the progressives were a diverse group of reformers who confronted and ameliorated the worst abuses that emerged in urban industrial America during the early 1900s.

Body: I do not agree with Professor Abrams in that the progressives failed because they tried to make everyone conform to one set of values. Abram argued that the progressivism focused mainly on a government that was honest and efficient, recognition of the different societies of the rich and the poor, wanting a use of the nations resources that made sense, and a rejection on social values that hindered social solutions such as poverty. He said that progressivism failed in what it considered to be its principle objective, which was, more than anything, to restore and maintain the conventional consensus on a particular view of the universe, a particular set of values, and a particular constellation of the different moods of the commerce of the united states. All of these factors were why Abrams said progressivism failed, along with its industry, social relations, and its politics. Body: I highly agree with Professors Link and McCormick in that the progressives bettered the worst aspects of urban industrial America in this time. The professors argue that the progressives not only recognized the diversity of cultures, but also compromised and wanted to diminish the conflict between social and economic groups. They explain that there would be no reason to blame the progressives for the failure of their new ideas and that they should eliminate all the arguments of an industrial city. Asking the...
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