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Y176 Tma1

By fred901 Jul 10, 2013 542 Words
Y176 TMA 1
Describe the three different parenting styles and discuss how they might impact on children’s behaviour. Using the information based on Thomas and Rowanna’s family in chapter two I will demonstrate how the different parenting styles and certain changes in environment can affect children’s behaviour in their infant upbringing. How parents bring up their children can vary, often being very different. The three parenting styles are examples of the different approaches adults can use in the upbringing of children. Lots of other factors can have an effect on the child’s behaviour and development also Based on Baumrinds (1967) four dimensions of parenting the three styles of parenting consist of the authoritarian, permissive and authoritative. Showing the authoritarian as a negative parenting style colloby et al (2012) (p60) shows Alistair and Cara knowing that constant practice is critical to Thomas’s speech therapy progress have used this style, leading to Thomas becoming reluctant and not complying with their demands. This style does not support Thomas in his learning and could possibly make future learning a battle leading to more misbehaviour. The use of permissive parenting can both have a positive and negative affect on a child’s behaviour. Colloby et al (2012) shows the hardship brought upon Alistair and Cara due to Diana’s permissive style of parenting. With stepping in she is undermining their rules, something that may lead to Thomas’s behaviour being more defiant in the future. This is also giving Thomas a choice of his own as to what he does or doesn’t want to do. The authoritative parenting style is a balanced form of parenting, built on forming good strong healthy boundaries whilst at the same time listening to the child’s point of view. Colloby et al (2012) (p64) describes the use of reward charts to manage Thomas’s behaviour when it comes to his speech therapy practise, by getting Thomas involved in the making of the chart and getting him to choose his reward if he applies himself to ten minutes a day. Giving Thomas control in his own destiny. Colloby et al (2012) demonstrates how the birth of Rowanna unsettled Thomas more than Alistair and Cara first thought as well as the changes brought on all the family due to Thomas’s hearing impairment, causing his normally good behaviour to waver as their parenting styles change. Rowanna, a much more demanding baby forms an insecure relationship with her mother making Diane the comfort giver and the secure carer. Both children have to face major changes, Thomas is moving from pre-school to school and Rowanna from a home based life into day care. How Alistair and Cara go about these gentle transitions is imperative to their development and behaviour. Based on the authoritarian parenting style you can see how it can make for frustrated parents and a rebellious child. Thomas does not respond well to the strict practice process of his speech therapy on a day to day basis and this has caused discontent. Using Rudolph Dreikurs (1897-1972) four goals of misbehaviour; attention, power, revenge and display of inadequacy Cara was able to understand her children more, becoming more compassionate to their individual situations. Thomas being affected by the arrival of Rowanna and Rowanna being demanding of attention.

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