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Gregory Dodd is a man in his mid-forties and a teacher of political science. He has had two previous marriages and is currently having a relationship with the ten-year younger photographer Susan. It is the night before Christmas and Gregory is driving his car, heading for Susan's house in Jamaica Plain. At one point Gregory is driving though a city and he ends up driving behind a car, which suddenly stops and then makes a u-turn. Gregory has no time to react and he barely manages to avoid smashing into the other car. Gregory is not certain if his car has perhaps touched the number plates on the other car, and while he is thinking of this, the other driver and his co passenger get out of the car and walk over to Gregory. When Gregory opens his window to speak with them he is hit by a punch in the face. The other car drives off, and Gregory is left sitting alone in his car contemplating what just happened, half denying the incident. Afterwards he realizes that what he wishes the most is to be to with his old family, his second wife, now ex-wife, and his three children. Realizing this also makes him realize that he cannot continue things with Susan as they were before.


Self-deception can be to deny facts or reality simply by ignoring them, but it can also come to a point where your self-deception is so strong, that you are not aware, yourself, that you are living in an illusion.

In "Xmas" by Russell Banks published in 2000 we meet our main character Gregory Dodd. Gregory is in his mid-forties and in many ways, his way of living resembles the one of a man in a midlife crisis. He has had two previous marriages and children as well. "The important thing was that both marriages were ended now, that's all – the brief marriage of his adolescence and the fifteen-year marriage of his young manhood. (pp 15-17) His first marriage was in his adolescence and his second in his young manhood. It seems like each marriage symbolizes a part of...
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