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Instructions for Group Assignment 3

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{In Archive} Instructions for Group Assignment 3 Santosh Sangem to: d12 17-01-13 11:59 AM Hide Details From: Santosh Sangem To: d12@xlri.ac.in

Archive: This message is being viewed in an archive. Hi Everyone, Just to reiterate what I had announced in the last session. This is what you have to do for the third group assignment (i.e. the analysis of the individual company): 1. Take the annual reports of the most recent 5 financial years. Go through the same and give the analysis in terms of the framework that we had used in the class (future growth opportunities, risk factors, industry, products) you may also add a section for other information that you may find relevant or useful to the analysis. The analysis in this framework must be done for each year in a separate excel sheet. Once the analysis is complete, you must summarize the key points in the MS-Word document. More importantly, you must identify the changes in the factors over the past 5 years and analyze the implications of these changes. This portion of the assignment would take up around 4-5 pages. 2. You have to compute the ratios for the company for each of these 5 years. After you compute these ratios, you have to first analyze the trends in each ratio and the information they provide. After you have done the analysis for each individual ratio, you must so an overall analysis of all the ratios combined to get an overview of the financial performance and financial position of the company. This is basically done the same way as we did the final summarized analysis of TTK. While computing the ratios, you may find that some information (e.g. credit sales, credit purchases, etc.) may not be available separately in the financial statements. In these cases, you may take the next closest piece of information (e.g. total sales, total purchases, raw materials consumed, etc.). It would not make much difference to the analysis as long as you are using the...
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