Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Puerto Rico Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Tamara Cruder
06.02 Manifest Destiny
1) What is Manifest Destiny?
it was the nation's manifest destiny to overspread and to posses the whole of the untied states. Many things happen during this time that the United States was forced to put into effect a program to make room for all the settlers that were coming to this county from many parts of the world , but mostly from Europe. The United States was justified to take some land from Native Americans by signing agrements with the various chiefs. However, the everage Native American did not understand the purpose of the treaty and was resentful of having to give up land for the white people. The United States was forced in many ways to find room for a number of religious groups that came in America because they were discriminated in their hone countries. I believe that the government of the United States had good intentions and meant well when it came to the removal of Native Americans, but the people in both sides were not willing to abide by agreements of treaties. The Native Americans were in many ways the victims of the presence of the white men. Many died as a result of deseases brought to this country, the lost their hunting grounds because the white settlers killed the buffalo that the natives used for many things in every day life. The Native Americans were finally placed in reservations where the United States government was forced to provide for them and keep the safe from further attacks by the white settlers. So, I believe that the Manifest Destiny halped more the United States than it did the Native Americans.
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