Xerox Corporation

Topics: Management, Decision making, Customer service Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: October 3, 2009
Xerox Corporation
1.Leadership through Quality was a strategy developed by Xerox as a result of competitors being financially strong, technologically advanced and having excellent customer relations. Xerox Corporation through its strategy tries to meet its customer requirements. The strategy is viable as Xerox through this strategy tries ensuring that definition of Quality is meeting the customer requirements all the time. The three major components of LTQ are Employee Involvement that stresses on integration of employees within a company to achieve the desired goals, Competitive Benchmarking that enables Xerox to seek ways to improve the entire company and Quality Improvement that consistently seeks continual improvement. It encourages employee involvement in decision making whereby Upper management at Xerox delegates decision making authority to line supervisors and employees. Input from employees is taken seriously, and corporate leaders are open to opinions which requires a high degree of flexibility which is essential in a diversified company like Xerox as it ensures goal congruence. Since Xerox is in a document processing market with a high elastic demand for its products the strategy Leadership through quality is an efficient strategy as it strives to improve Xerox’s competitiveness and organisational effectiveness. The strategy aims to improve quality of Xerox’s products as well as processes thus ensuring that high quality products are available to its customers and meeting its primary goal of customer satisfaction. Leadership through Quality is therefore a viable strategy in the document processing market at Xerox. 2.Xerox management control systems focussed on the performance of 12 business units which consisted of 9 business units and 3 geographical customer operations supporting them. There was flexibility in their management control systems because each business unit was given responsibility or opportunity to set their own targets. The...
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