Xerox Case

Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Summary of the case:
This case is about John Clendenin, graduate from Harvard Business School, Marine for 12 years. He started his career at Xerox in 1983. After many good actions for the company – He had improved some internal systems to make the company save several millions of dollars – he has been promoted only few years after been hired. He left the Xerox US marketing group to tale the head the multinational systems development center where he was responsible for developing and maintaining logistics and distributions systems and he was allowed to report directly to the vice-president. His leading was really efficient. “The MDC annual budget had grown from $400,000 to $4 million, its staff from 4 employees to 42”. But despite all of this Hewitt, Clendenin’s boss, proposed to him a lateral move from MDC to a staff support position on Hewitt’s staff. To Clendenin’s this is not was expected after what he has done for the company. This looks for him more likes a step backward. He has built a real relationship with his team and created a trustful atmosphere at work. In other words he really built the MDC and now his boss is asking him to leave it for something to more interesting for a professional perspective.

Key Issues:
The main issues in the case are first the kind of relationship he tried to keep with all his working entourage – superiors, subordinates - , how he also overcame opposition to his plan for the MDC at the beginning and finally the Xerox’s structure.

Question 1: How does Clendenin overcome opposition to his plans for the MDC? When Clendenin took the head of the MDC some people were reluctant to let the MDC do some tasks because they thought that he will do what they were hired for. The other problem is that he was new, so without any authority. So the solution was to use his charisma, what he has done. Actually he created a special atmosphere to make them think that they are still dealing with those tasks. But in the end he is the leader....
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