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Q1: What kind of person does John Clendenin?
1. Communication
1.2. Capability
1.3. Networking

Q2: What were Clendenin business objectives and personal objectives been at Xerox? 2.1. Business objective:
2.2. Personal objective:

Q3: What obstacles did he confront in accomplishing these objectives? 3.1. PEOPLE RELATED
3.1.1 STAFF-Downward Management
3.1.2. PEERS-Horizontal Management
3.1.3. BOSS-Upward Management

Q4: What interpersonal and organizational strategies did he utilize to accomplish these objectives? 4.1. Interpersonal Strategies
4.1.1. A Colleague to his Peers
4.1.2. A Boss to his Staff
4.1.3. A Staff to his Boss
4.2. Organizational Strategies
4.2.2. KINGDOM

Q5: Do you like Clendenin as a colleague and as a boss? Why? 5.1. Level 1 – General – As a colleague
5.2. Level 2 – Specialist – As a boss
Q6: What should Clendenin do now?
1. Business Obstacle Removing
6. 2. Personal Objectives Achieving

Q1: What kind of person does John Clendenin?

"Thoughts (thinking on Principles) leads to Action, Acting on Principles leads to Habits, Habits lead to Character, Character then leads to creating your future or Destiny." ?(Lars G. Harrison)

Almost perfect academic background with professional training of business administration, psychology, communication and self-conscience. Clendenin shows us a Character-based manager,① who obeys the rule of "Thoughts (thinking on Principles) leads to Action, Acting on Principles leads to Habits, Habits lead to Character, Character then leads to creating your future or Destiny.", and who thinks “The quality of your attitude is as important as the quality of your work”.

Exhibit1-1.Clendenin’s Personal Managerial Chart

1.1. Communication

Clendenin has talent in communication. In the stage of building the MDC, Clendenin found Tom Gunning, a technically proficient long-term employee, whose knowledge and contacts can help him to manage the new group in Xerox. At the lunchtime in Gunning’s favorite restaurant, Clendenin described a win-win model and from then on they built a firmly friendship both personally and professionally. Golf is also a magic communication tool of Clendenin. He played golf with Gunning. During the career in MDC, Clendenin even organized golf torment to improve the cooperation relationship between the staff. Just like a lobbyist, Clendenin always tried to negotiate with all key members before the formal meeting. His behind-the-scenes work persuaded most of the multinational committees support his opinions in the formal meeting. He is interested in the relationship both inside and outside the work and spends a lot of time on the communication work.

1.2. Capability

Clendenin is a tough guy who always sticks to his principles. The story of the warning note stamped with a Chinese Dragon indicates that Clendenin is very rigorous to the member of the MDC who could not fulfill their work. In the relationship with his supervisor, Clendenin is very forthright. Once he had made a personal choice, he would try his best to persuade the supervisor to agree with him. But sometimes Clendenin’s obstinacy may frustrate people. Meanwhile the excellent communication skill softened his tough standpoint. As said, “John is as hard as nails, yet you think he is softie”.

1.3. Networking

Clendenin is also an artist of network. He used to apply to increase the group size and the budget of MDC. His request was refused by Zivan, VP of logistics and distribution. By developing a quicker and less expensive application, Clendenin used the saved money to hire additional people. Eventually, he convinced the MSDC to increase the budget. Clendenin never gives negative feedback to his staff. He believes that people do not change by the commenting on their negative behavior. Sometimes there is nothing happens after the...
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