Xenophobia of the American Culture

Topics: African American, United States Constitution, Culture of the United States Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: December 11, 2011
WRA 115 Section 2
16 February 2011
Xenophobia of the American Culture
Many Arab-Americans, African-Americans, and Hispanic students face the difficulty of having to confront racism on their college campuses. Minorities of color are viewed differently than other students because of their race indicating that the stereo-type of their ethnicity causes alarming comparisons between them and others that have similar physical characteristics. Colored minority students have had to be introduced to the American legal system because of hate-crimes involving physical and emotional harassment from non-colored students. Authorities in higher education should be made aware that racism and acts of hate on American campuses is, in part, linked to culture’s long history of xenophobia subconsciously existing in the ideal American identity. The white populations in American society developed social expectations toward colored citizens that spread to college campuses resulting in prejudices that creates undeserved harassment. Cultural expectations of colored groups range from low grades, tendency toward violence, and the idea that all middle-eastern people are terrorists. An event such as white students moving to different seats because of their assumption that African-American students will copy their exams or cheat off of them exemplifies a negative stereo-type. Recently, networking sites like Facebook has been the setting for racism toward colored folks because of posts like, “'Were two white girls..she already has her (N-word) instinct to kill us and use us to her pleasure ...'” (Daniels). The wide-spread popularity of hate-crimes via Facebook reveals the subconscious prejudice of whites in the American culture and how it will influence tension on college grounds. Current tensions between students because of stereo-types cause lawsuits to preserve the idea of equality but memories of indifference based on historical events hurt the ability for justice. Racism on university...

References: Lens." Hamline Journal of Public Law & Policy 27.2 (2006):
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