Topics: Race, Multiracial, Racism Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: September 21, 2013
K Green
Writing 2
Xenophobia can be seen throughout everyday life and throughout the world in several different cultures. With the many differences and struggles that are faced in the world, it is almost inevitable to go throughout life without passing judgment on another. However, sometimes the judgment we pass on each other is incomplete; it sometimes comes from stereotypes of people based on stereotypical thinking. Often personal experiences with people who are different stir an otherwise good person to become xenophobic. Collective experiences, such as wars, immigration, and economic disadvantages, also shape how a person may view someone from a different population. Xenophobia can not only be manifested physically and verbally in hateful ways but something that can be believed by a person their whole lives, due to their upbringing. People believe in information received from sources that they trust and often love, such as families and communities. When we lack information about an individual or a population of people, we pass judgement on people by comparing it to our own perspectives and beliefs. However, cognition and self-realization plays an important role in deconstructing xenophobia. Individuals are social, thinking beings who are meant to make connections with the world around us. Despite how someone has grown up, the more exposure one has to the world can lead them to question their own personal experiences and challenge beliefs that they have held all throughout their lives. I believe that this gives everyone the potential to be open to new ideas and heal their xenophobia.

With my personal experiences, I have noticed that categorization, stereotypes and prejudice actions take place on a day to day basis. I don’t believe anyone should be judged or taken full for what they are by just their identity. I believe that getting to know someone and seeing their actions will show their true personas instead of going off...
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