Topics: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: June 15, 2014

1.English speech
Adam McKay

What if the identity of today’s society resembled the actions and behaviour of the 70’s? Would life be altered and if so would life be better or worse? 2. Good morning the film I have chosen is Anchorman; Anchorman is about identity of news readers in the 1970’s. the film Anchorman highlights the question, “what I have come to understand about identity”, as it depicts exaggerated characteristics and behaviours of the news team in the 70’s, this text is complementary to my understanding of the term identity. 3. This benefits me to understand more about identity and how it can be inserted in different texts and themes. My definition of identity is that it has various meanings, it can be a personality, traits and that identity can be manipulated and altered by others. The meaning of identity can be conveyed through Themes like belonging. 4. Cultural, personal and social identity can be comprehended in one meaning. Cultural identity is attached to backgrounds such as a nation or language. Social identity is something perceived of others of your self-personality and appearance whereas personal identity is unique no one else has the same appearance or personality as you. 5. Identity can be altered and varied; it can be conveyed differently by every person as they have their own opinion of identity. 6. The text “Anchorman” shows the identities of five characters, well dressed proudly confident main character and anchor Ron Burgundy, Brick Tamland the weather man who is a slow witted character with an IQ of 48; he is a kind person but is socially awkward. Champion Kind is a sports journalist who is a passionate sports fan with a sexist outlook at life. Brian Fantana is a field reporter who is a self-acclaimed ladies’ man. 7. Director Adam McKay represents identity with over exaggerations of personality and appearance. He does this by giving each character distinct personalities. By undertaking these identities the film...
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