Xcom 285 Final Business Writing Portfolio

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Business Writing Portfolio
Erika Alvarado
XCOM/285 Essentials of Managerial Communication
Axia College

Xcom285 has taught me many valuable assets that I can use in my future, but I believe that the most valuable thing that I have learned is that communications is not just talking. Communications is about listening and writing as well. It is important in business communications to understand that to effectively communicate one need’s to tune into everything that is going on around him or her. This means that he or she needs to understand the audience, the purpose of, and the most effective way to deliver or receive the message. When discussing resources businesses use to effectively communicate, I learned other methods of communications, what role those methods play in our daily activities, and ideas on how to use them. It was great to take those trends and focus on using them effectively to reach a specific audience, and what characteristics of the audience need to be considered when trying to ensure that the audience is being reached effectively. One of the more interesting assignments was the cross culture communications matrix. The reason I found this interesting was because it gave me a better understanding of the diversifications of the world. It was also fun to read about what was considered socially acceptable, un-acceptable, and the norm for different parts of the world. Week eight’s discussion about the laws and policies of companies was also a fun discussion and I enjoyed hearing about everyone and their experiences with the policies and procedures of certain companies and the company’s right to monitor them. I will be able to take this information and one day when I open my own business, I will already know my rights to monitoring my employees and my company merchandise.

Week 4: Graphic Organizer

John McBride
3293 Gum Lane
Honolulu, HI. 96818
December 8, 2009
Suzanne Delger
General Manager
Am Burr Krombie Jackets
68-123 King Street
Honolulu, HI. 96818
Dear Mrs. Delger:
Thank you for the hard work and dedication you have contributed to the company. This is to inform you of some upcoming changes to the store policies. Policy changes will affect your position as well as help save employees’ time, money, and help ensure the survival of the company.

Beginning in January, 2010, store hours and employee hours will change. The store will no longer be open on Sundays, and during the week the store will open one hour later and close one hour earlier. Our full time employees will still work 40 hours per week by working four (4) 10 hour shifts per week. Part time employees will be limited to three days per week and will consolidate their hours as well.

The new standards will allow employees the ability to save time and money during tough economical times. Questions may arise as to the stability of Am Burr Krombie Jackets, but I assure you our store will remain open and stable.

The success of our store is attributed to hard work and dedication and we thank you for all you do. Feel free to distribute this information and direct any questions to corporate headquarters. Sincerely,

John McBride
Public Relations Manager

Am Burr Krombie Jackets

To:Store Associates
From:John McBride
Re:Retail Store Operations and Modifications
Due to tough economical times and the rising prices in gas, Am Burr Krombie Jackets will be making a few changes in the hours of opperations. These changes will be more convenient for you by helping you save time and money, while ensuring the company lives up to our reputation for great products, excellent service, and un-beatable prices. Starting January 1, 2010, the store will no longer be open on Sundays and during the week, hours will be shortened. Monday through Saturday the store will open one hour later and will close an hour earlier. In addition to the store hours changing, employee shifts will change to 10 hour. To do this,...

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Locker, K., & Kienzler, D
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