Xcode Project Management Guide

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Xcode Project Management Guide
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Introduction 11
Organization of This Document 11 See Also 12

Part I Chapter 1

Part I: Project Organization 13 Overview of an Xcode Project 15 Components of an Xcode Project 15 Source Files 15 Targets 16 Executables 16 Product Information 16 The Project Directory 18 The Project Info Window 18 General Project Attributes 19

Chapter 2

Creating Projects 21
Choosing a Project Template 21 Specifying the Project Name 22 Opening and Closing Projects 22 Choosing the Project Format 23 Viewing Project Format Conflicts 23

Chapter 3

Files in Projects 25
Files in Xcode 25 The Files in a Project 26 Managing Files and Folders in a Project 28 Adding Files and Folders 28 How Files Are Referenced 29 Removing Files 30 Renaming a Project 30...
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