Xbox or Kickball

Topics: Video game, Video game addiction, Addiction Pages: 4 (1434 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Xbox or Kickball?
PS3, Xbox, Game boy, and Wii are all familiar gaming systems that have taken over a large number of people’s lives and most importantly, their time. It has become a rising concern as more and more children are being introduced to new video gaming systems everyday. Dating back to 2004, “girls play[ed] for an average of about 5.5 hours/week and boys average[ed] 13 hours/week’ (Gentile 1 ). Today, over sixty-five percent of US households play video games. They can be played in a variety of ways: on a computer , television , or even on a handheld device. Play occasionally is okay ,for example, a game of Mario Kart here and there is not harmful, just as long as there is balance and activity . Nowadays, it seems as if the gaming world is starting to take over a majority of children’s lives. Games such as kickball and tag are almost non existent. Kids find that beating each other’s “kill death ratios” in Modern Warfare II is a better use of their time. The rate of video game addiction is rising and the effects of being addicted are not too great either. While being addicted to video games, one can start to lead an unhealthy lifestyle as video gaming is “helping make the couch potato life easier and more enjoyable” (Bailey 1). Furthermore addiction can lead to factors such as a drop in academics as the “amount of time spent playing video games has a negative correlation with academic performance” (Gentile 1), introduction/promotion to violence as “content analyses show that a majority of games contain some violence.”(Gentile 1), and lastly a loss/change in social life all because of the fact that playing video games take up most of an addicts time.

Video games are set up with many levels which must be completed in order to be successful at the video game that has been chosen to play. As the gamer becomes successful, he/she would automatically want to try to fit in as much playing time in as he/she possibly can, hence leading him/her into...

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