Xbox Makreting Plan

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Product Overview3

Executive Summary3

SWOT Analysis3

Market Research4

Marketing Objectives5

Marketing Plan Implementation and Monitoring5

Bibliography 6


Product overview:
The xbox is one of the most incredible inventions that have reached the market place in the last decade. The xbox Console in a video gaming and multimedia platform brand designed and manufactured by Microsoft and the first model was launched in November 2001 in the USA. The product is more than just a gaming device that is viewed through a computer monitor or television. The games are very interactive you are able to connect online to play and communicate with other people throughout the world. The target demographic historically for the xbox has been Males around the ages of 13-30, those who tend to spend more time watching internet content than traditional television. The actual xbox console is sold at a loss; the costs are recouped by game sale, online gaming membership and other xbox live sales. The most profitable demographic is young adult men aged 20-30. Executive Summary:

This is about what you are going to do in summary, you write this after you have completed the rest of your research SWOT:
Strengths| Weaknesses|
* The Xbox 360 is huge around the world is one of the most recognizable product in the World * Strong Multimedia support – games, music, video, foxtel and sports also available * Large library of games available * Interactive over the internet – xbox Live * | * Actual hardware costs expensive * Actual game costs expensive * Significant membership costs for playing online * Third world usage limited due to cost and infrastructure capacity.| Opportunities| Threats|

* There will always be new games for the Xbox 360 * Release of new Xbox ONE * Application of the new Kinetic motion technology to enhance interaction * More and more games introduced to the world * Growth of the web TV...
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