Xacc280 Week 7: Exercise: Career Oportunities for Accountants

Topics: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Employment, Idea Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: October 3, 2010
Two business sectors that I would chose to work for would be assurance and audit for the government and the second option would be working in payroll. As bad as the government can be, I still would like to work there and for them, we all know it is great job security. Additionally with assurance and audit I believe that I would not get easily bored or slack off on the job as I might with other jobs for the simple idea that its never really the same. Everyday I would get to review other businesses information and other types of data at the same time to make sure they are correct, it wouldn't be like looking at the same page everyday when I go into work. For the second choice it was payroll, yes it is repetitive although I think that it would be exciting to some extent just simply knowing that the employees are counting on you and you only to get their pay checks right the first time is a lot of pressure for one person, I feel that this would be a great job for me especially since I like to be accurate with my work.

I beleive that working for the Securities and Exchange Commission would not only satisfy my personal ideals but also I would be able to achieve the accounting principles set forth by the (GAAP) effectively. I would be able to make sure the principles are being carried out efficiently and accurately through the data review. I would feel confident in that I can help and protect new and existing investors. After everything I think that working in such a place of employment I would be satisfied with my job, one day things can be running smoothly then the next it can be a big disaster, it all just depends on how the business is ran and operated.
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